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Clipmarks is social bookmarking play with a very useful twist. Instead of simply bookmarking and tagging a page you find on the web, Clipmarks lets you bookmark and tag items like a block of test, an image, a video or a word.

Using Clipmarks you can surf around the web and build a searchable library of things you want to save and remember. The service was created when Goldstein decided he wanted something like this for his own surfing. Others must have wanted this too as the service had taken off.

Once you start clipping you can post your clips to your blog, email them or make them public on the Clipmarks site. clipmarks members can vote, or pop, public clips and as with many social sites send traffic to the site mentioned.

I personally love this tool for collect research for article topics and doing competitive research for clients. With other bookmarking services I sometimes forget why I bookmarked a page, with Clipmarks I just clip the stuff on the page I want to remember and build a library in one compact location.

I interviewed Eric Goldstein, CEO of Clipmarks, for an episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast.


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