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  • Can't Say Enough About Lynda TrainingMany of my clients and readers could benefit from some help using the software and tools I recommend. While I love to teach people new techie tips, I find that that best thing to do is send them to

This site features over 19,000 training videos covering topics like blogging, podcasting, and web design. In addition, you can find basic office application training as well as more advanced technical training covering things like MySql and PHP. You can watch the videos or purchase DVD and book versions as well.

The videos are created by expert trainers and authors from around the world. At $25 per month for a basic membership, this is a steal!


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  1. Yes, it seems like many folks are now moving to online training options. Lynda offers some great training on SEO and PSCS3 that I recommend all the time. I also use training from VTC and Total Training:

    I have found that a combo of products gives me the edge in my projects.


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