Build your you hub

You hubToday’s happening small business entrepreneur has several businesses, maintains multiple websites, blogs at a couple places, has written a book, and has profiles on half a dozen social network sites. I haven’t even mentioned that they have also thrown themselves into a couple cool new beta start-ups, projects and fun not-for-profit adventures.

Keeping up with what you are up to can be a bit of a task and letting people know about all it can be even harder. I get emails from some of these folks and the signature block with all the links in the email is ten times the size of the actual email.

Here’s a solution I would recommend. If you have not already done so go out and reserve your personal name as a domain (you should do this no matter what and grab the names of your spouse and kids while you are at it.) Use this domain to build a personal hub of all the stuff you are into. Outline your projects, display RSS feeds from all your blogs and host links to all your social network or any other kind of network profiles.

This way you can lead people to sort of a portal of what you are up to with one simple link. I’ve have an example at This is a WordPress blog using a website template.


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