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Blogs are hot and with reason. They help you tell your story, generate tremendous search engine attention and create content that can be syndicated and read by a growing number of people.

Having said that, let me state that blogs are only a tool and not THE tool that so many “Internet Marketing Gurus” would have you believe. Blogs can and should be on every marketers list as a powerful way to integrate and supplement the primary marketing messages. If you look at blogs that way, then you can begin to understand the true value of adding a blog to your marketing mix.

Every small business should have in the marketing and communication toolbox


  • A Blog
  • A Content Rich Website
  • An Email Based Newsletter
  • Educational Based Printed Materials
  • White Papers Housed On Their Website
  • A Referral Strategy
  • A PR Strategy

. . . and a couple hundred other things!

The point is, let your marketing tools work together and you will find the greatest audience for your marketing message.


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