Blog Voting Challenge

Some of my readers let me know that they were having trouble
casting their Marketing Sherpa blog votes.

I received this from Marketing Sherpa today so it looks like they have
it under control and if you ran into trouble voting for Duct Tape Marketing
now you can! (Shameless self-promoter aren’t I?)

An Apology from MarketingSherpa:

We’re sorry. Many of you who’ve been trying to cast your Vote for
Best Blog & Podcast have been bounced off our server.

Here’s a new link for folks who could not get in:

#1. If you’ve already voted, your vote is STILL ARCHIVED and SAFE.
You do *not* need to vote for the same blogs or podcasts again.

#2. We’re *extending* the deadline to Monday, June 26th, at
midnight ET because so many of you could not get in when you
wanted to.


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