The Benefits your Business Gains from Donating to Charity

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The Benefits your Business Gains from Donating to Charity - Duct Tape Marketing
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When you donate to charity via your business, you will soon discover an array of benefits that come with the territory. There are so many reasons you should apply this tactic to your company.

Most importantly, you’ll be assisting worthy causes and helping make real change. That’s the whole purpose of doing your bit for charity, but so many business owners worry that this will then put a huge dent in their profit margin. As much as we may wish to donate and contribute to organisations, it could ruin a business that has barely taken off. Well, you can now unravel some of the brilliant benefits of being involved with charities and how it could help your business growth.

Employee Morale

What better way to rally up your team than fighting for a good cause? This is such an underrated aspect of running a business, team morale is imperative to success. It’s no good having everything else in place without this. Well, one of the fantastic pros to running a conscious business looking for change is that you will be injecting enthusiasm into your staff. Give them something worth working for.

Team Purpose- Give your staff a bigger purpose than just money-making.
Give Them a Say- Allow them an active role in picking which charities you will be involved with.
Team Building- Take part in team-building events that focus on raising money and awareness, enjoy fun-runs, events and other sponsored tasks.

You’ll be sure to expand your worker’s morale tenfold, so this is a fantastic bonus to donating. Your staff and their philosophy is the foundation, so build appropriately and everything else will follow.

Consumer Perception

When a customer arrives at your store, website, garage or office you are instantly being judged on your service and how your business generally runs. People don’t like to invest their hard-earned money in any company. When you are a charity based business or one with a giving process, then you have put into the good books right away. Contributing some of your profit shows the type of business you are and separates you from the others, this sits well with consumers.

Positive Image- You will gain credit from the customer the moment they see you are involved with charities.
Association- You will also be associated with the charities you involve yourself with.
Build Strong Customer Relationships- It will go a long way to creating a bond between your business and consumer.

There are many ways to do this, you can enjoy brand activation as they interact in polls. Customers will feel a direct effect and will be more likely to get involved in your process. Take a look at My Favourite Voucher Codes, they donate 20% of their profits to a chosen charity each month whilst saving customers money. This way consumers get a say without having to pay a penny, in fact, they actually save money.
Marketing Opportunities

You’ll be astounded as you discover how easy marketing becomes. This is one of those grey areas where some people invest more than others. It’s a department that needs a lot of care and the right tactics. This element combined with the previous one, ‘consumer perception’ will go a long way to increasing your popularity.

Self Promotion- The word will get out and your company will be shared through word of mouth.
Press Releases- You can enjoy the press, newspapers and online articles that come your way. It’s all good press for your company. Newspapers love reporting about charities.
Social Media- Your charitable endeavours can be photographed, shared and spread. This means more attention to your business and of course, a great way to spread the word on a worthy foundation.


An important part of any business! Networking is so tough and it can be hard to know where to start. When it happens naturally is when it has the biggest impact.

Common Ground- Being a charity raising business means you are likely to find an ice-breaker with something you are both interested in.
More Likely to Interact- Those elusive contacts are easier to find as they know you are standing up for a good purpose.
Passion- It is far more likely to be natural, with you both being passionate about what you are doing for charity.

Bigger Profits

When a business is doing everything right, they will reap the rewards. Everything listed before this can only help your profit margins. You can donate a percentage of your profits. There are even ways to deduct tax as you are actively being involved with foundations.

Advertising- The above points showcase how your business will be advertised without additional expense.
More Customers- Enjoying a positive perception means more willing consumers.
Strong Taskforce- Your team will be working towards the same goal.

All these elements will take you a long way towards your bigger profits. So be sure to start making positive changes and in turn embrace the positive karma sure to come your way.

Chloe ClarksonChloe Clarkson is a feature writer for My Favourite Voucher Codes, a money saving voucher code website that helps consumers save money on their online shopping while donating 20% of their profits to good causes each month at no extra cost to the consumer. Chloe has a strong interest in fundraising, ethical trading and runs her own small business during her spare time.


Chloe Clarkson

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