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Sometimes a postcard is just the right tool to let a prospect know about a new service, free report or special sale.

I like to sprinkle the occasional postcard into any ongoing drip communication with existing clients too.

Below are three services that allow you to automate the process of sending postcards. By automate I mean that you simply upload your artwork, upload your list and hit send. These services handle the printing, sorting, postage and delivery – in the mail the next business day. The beauty of this is that you can have multiple designs and multiple use cards, such as a thank you or a reminder of some event, and you can request 1, 5, 1,000 cards sent. In some cases, these services will even interface with your CRM software and allow you to set up automated campaigns.

There is a cost for this convenience, but I believe it’s a bargain when you consider the true cost of licking stamps.

Amazing Mail
Remarkable Mail
NetPost Services from the US Post Office


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