Another Small Business Resource

Another Small Business Resource

Another Small Business Resource

By John Jantsch

Introducing BizBox from (a joint venture produced by Newsweek and the Washington Post) with support from Open from American Express. (That’s a blogful isn’t it?)

Okay, now that I got the introductions out of the way let me tell you a bit about BizBox.

BizBox follows the business lives of two small business owners via a blog. Grace Bonney Founder, design*sponge and Andrew Kruse Co-founder and VP of Business Development, Southwest Windpower are posting their daily adventures as business owners.

Built around their stories are a number of resources that will be of interest to small business owners.

One of those resources is an “Ask the Expert” section featuring someone that might be familiar to readers of this blog!

From the site:
Ask the Expert
John Jantsch is a veteran marketing coach, award winning blogger and author of Duct Tape Marketing – The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide. A Forbes favorite, his Duct Tape Marketing Blog is a Harvard Business School featured marketing site. He is here to answer your small business questions. – ASK AWAY (Come on by and ask some questions, don’t leave me hanging.)

But there’s more.

BizBox wants to hear in 100 words or less how your business got started. Submit your entry here. If your story gets picked it will be featured on the BizBox site.

BizBox is also building a user generated small business directory. Submit your business, web site or blog here.

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