Against the Wind

Wind is a funny thing – it is as equally capable of creating destruction as providing lift.

the challenge of the windWhen it falls directly in our face it’s hard to ignore, but when it’s at our back it can move us forward in ways that are frequently imperceptible.

I’ve fallen prey to the wind on a morning run. I’ll start my run headed south feeling good, in fact, feeling very good. The kind of good that makes me think that perhaps through hard work and innate talent I’ve somehow mastered this thing called running.

And then I’ll reach my turn around point and turn north only to be stood up and challenged against a wind that makes it feel as though I am now dragging bags of sand.

I think our view of business can be challenged and lifted in the same way.

It’s hard to ignore the strain of the daily wind in our face, but when things flow magically we often feel it has more to do with our brilliance than the work, support, and lift of the community around us.

We may even keep score this way as well – I made this happen – good or bad.

Here’s the deal – all we need do is create a big vision, raise our gaze and keep it focused on that vision and then detach from how we’re actually going get there.

Sometimes you have the wind, sometimes you fight the wind, but keeping score and judging every step as either good or bad just gets in the way.

You never have it as bad as you think, you never have it as good as you think – it’s all just wind pushing and pulling you in the direction of your vision.



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