Admitting We Have a Problem Is the First Step

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One of the most fulfilling moments in my consulting work comes when a client finally flashes a hint of realization that they do indeed have an affliction.

And that affliction is – that they desperately need to be exactly like everyone else in their industry only older, bigger, and more results oriented, cost effective and partner centric.

The treatment for this is not pretty, but it usually starts by showing them a series of test results like the ones listed below that include comparison results from other patients with the same disease.

After the denial phase fads some are ready to move on to a treatment that involves the radical process of asking their clients what they do that is actually worthy of turning into a core message of differentiation.

Friends don’t let friends die a slow boring death of sameness.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by your friends at the Duct Tape Council.


Core message, differentiation

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