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leaderSo much about the world we live and work in has changed. I suppose every generation feels that to some extent, but now it’s my turn to acknowledge it. I’ve owned my business for over twenty years and the changes in how we market, interact, collaborate, congregate, follow and lead have changed unalterably.

And with it, a new breed of leader has emerged – in part because the world is desperate for it. Seth covered this new kind of leader well in Tribes. I have the pleasure of addressing the network of Duct Tape Marketing coaches for the opening session of our conference in Boulder this morning – and I plan to challenge this group to embrace the traits of today’s leader.

1) Trust themselves

An authentic trust in one’s self allows a leader to make decisions for the right reason and not out a hidden agenda or attempt to prop up self-worth. This trait also comes shining through when risk and uncertainly knock at the door,

2) Make meaning

The greatest leaders I encounter are doing what they are doing for love of a higher purpose. This doesn’t mean a spiritual or religious purpose, although it can, but they are trying to guide people on a journey worth taking. Chris Brogan is making the world a better place by blogging about engagement. His “make meaning” why he’s found a way to turn it into make money.

3) Embrace change

Well, I guess we’ve all seen what the Internet has done to companies and entire industries unwilling to embrace change – think newspapers? Today’s leader is downright giddy about the speed at which things are happening all around them and in every aspect of their life.

4) Keep learning

Today’s teacher understands the speed of change and further understands that in order to have any reason for people to follow, they must provide a sense of what’s next, what’s ahead – the only way to do that is inquire vigorously, every day.

5) Are the example

How is it possible to lead if you aren’t willing to walk the talk, if you aren’t an example to those who would follow. Or worse, to be driven by a higher purpose and not let it shine through your actions. Do as I say, not as I do just won’t cut it anymore. The most attractive form of leadership involves no words.

6) Act congruent

I suppose this one goes hand in hand with the last trait, but it shows up in the value proposition. Today’s leader knows what value they bring, what results they produce, and what all of that is worth. They have no issues charging what they are worth and looking a prospect or customer in the eye when they educate them. What are your feet doing when you speak.

7) Practice abundance

Today’s leader gets cooperation like never before – there is so much business out there waiting to be attracted in this Internet world that we now find ourselves without competition. Let’s all play together to make a better world!

I know most of you read this blog to get my take on marketing stuff, but every now and then I just have to address the whole entrepreneur in all of us.

Image credit: Garry Knight



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