7 Different Kinds of Smoke

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The title of today’s post is a reference to a recent Owen Wilson movie – You, Me and Dupree. In the movie, Wilson’s character, Dupree, finds himself when he finally realizes that there are many ways to get to the same place. (Okay, that my interpretation anyway.)

One of the things that challenges many small business marketers is the fact that prospects get their buying information in many different ways. Some listen, some watch, some interact, some read, some lurk and some react for no apparent reason at all.

If you sense this to be the case with your ideal target market, the key is to develop a core marketing message and then deliver it in as many forms, mediums and channels as possible. In fact, you may find it worthwhile to develop a way to communicate your core benefits graphically. Some people get more from a simple diagram than they ever will from 20 pages of text.

In my own practice I even have clients that communicate in different ways. Some prefer a phone call, others won’t respond unless I send an email. I know that I have to develop tools and tactics that appeal to both.

Your marketing and lead generation should be developed in ways that allow you to be seen on the Internet, in print, in video, in audio. You should develop email campaigns, snail mail campaigns and, in a very specific way, even telemarketing campaigns.

It’s not enough to rely on advertising. Your lead generation should also include public relations efforts and a referral and word of mouth generating system.

When you develop this type of multi-foundational approach to your marketing you will find that your leads come to you more qualified and from many different places.


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