10 Practical Uses for Landing Pages

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landing pages
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I like landing pages a bunch. I’ve written about Why Landing Pages Are a Must and I’ve had the really smart Oli Gardner from Unbounce write a guest post about How to Create Highly Converting Landing Pages. My good friends over at Copyblogger are pretty big fans of landing pages too – grab their landing page ebook.

Landing page use has become a foundational element of online and offline marketing and should be used by every regardless of industry or engagement type.

Let me restate that another way – landing pages can be used by any business whether you sell products from your website, want people to make an appointment to meet or are trying to drive people into your store for your holiday sale.

Below are a sampling of just ten of the ways you can use landing pages.

  1. Use a landing page in every ad, PPC or offline, to lead people to a place to get more info
  2. Use a landing page to drive people to your events
  3. Use a landing page to enroll people in your email newsletter
  4. Use a landing page to promote your new product launch
  5. Use a landing page to promote your free eBook
  6. Use a landing page to give away a free printable guest pass to an event in your store
  7. Use a landing page as a personalized destination in the resource box from a guest blog post
  8. Use a landing page as a personalized destination in the resource box from a contributed article in your hometown paper
  9. Use a landing page to offer Facebook users a printable coupon
  10. Use landing pages to personalize your social media profile links

Need some help with landing page tools – here’s a great list to start exploring

[listly id=”7i4″ layout=”full”]


landing pages

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  1. I get the idea of landing pages, but what is the advantage of using an outside company to create these landing pages? Why not just create them yourself?

    1. There can be many advantages to having professionals do all of your marketing if you can gain their experience that leads to better conversions while you get to focus on other ways to improve your business.

      What I’ve listed here though are mainly tools to make it easier for you to do it, test it and tweak it yourself

  2. Hey John! It’s all about figuring out what you want people to DO. This is diametrically opposed to how most small business owners think about their websites: “Set it and forget it!” Thanks for the useful post.

  3. In our case, we utilize a landing page to speak in a ‘different voice’ than our normal branding. While the theme of our base site is designed for a more generic crowd, our custom landing page for the manufacturing world, for example, is more specific to that market segments wants, needs and desires. It is far more appropriate to resonate with the specific target market that try to apply generic approaches to them

  4. You
    have really elaborated efficiently and your work seems very professional. I was
    really in need of this valuable knowledge and uses.

    1. Hey, Greg. Thanks for stopping by. First, this post is a couple of years old. Also, I try to reach people from various levels of marketing so, if you’re more experienced in landing pages, this would be common knowledge. However, for those just starting, it would serve as a little direction on the purpose of a landing page and tools that are available.

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