Would Your Employees Refer You?

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The title to this post should stop and make some business owners question a few things.

Things like – I’ve never really thought of my employees as a referral source. I don’t know if my employees know how to refer me, or worse, I don’t know if they know if they would refer me. Or maybe you’re thinking, I wonder if there’s a way to get my employees to refer prospective team members?

Your current employees, like your current customers, are more suited to refer, or not refer, your business than any other group.

So, would your employees refer you? Do they act as a primary referral source for both customer and new employees? If not, why not?

There are really only two reasons that people don’t refer – employee or not. You don’t deserve referrals, and your employees are most often the group that knows this best.

Or, you’ve not communicated your expectation referrals and not taken the steps to educate and equip your referral sources – employee or not.

So, what have you done to motivate your staff to join in the game when it comes to referrals?


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  1. Great post John! Amazing how many employers don’t see the referral base that sits in the cafeteria, walks the halls, and logs in to your corporate system every morning. Some employers need to remember that their single largest expense is their single largest source of referrals.   

  2. It’s true – so many companies overlook their employees as potential referral sources.  Setting up a referral bonus system is a great way to motivate employees to get the word out about your business. 

  3. Well John, I feel that customers and employees should be treated the same. Maintaining a high morale and establishing a good report among patrons and employees would surely guarantee positive referrals and repeat business. Employees usually look for the same types of incentives in an employer that consumers desire when shopping for themselves, only the best they can get. Good post John.

  4. This Reminds me of a conversation Iv had with one of my elder mentors.  To make a long conversation short ill just hit on the main point.  In our discussion it was pointed out, about todays level of customer service and the observation that when dealing with a companies employee, especially one thats a part of a large underpaying corporation, like so many business are these days, it is quite possible that the employee your expressing, your discuss with the company with, may and quite possible be more discussed with there employer than you could ever be.  Its a negative reinforcing loop. Bad employee treatment equals bad customer service.

  5. Good post.  Many employers do not seem to understand the link between motivated employees and good customer service, ergo, the customer base.

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