What is the best way to motivate referral sources

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One of the best ways to find out what would motivate
a referral source to cough up a great referral is also one of
the best ways to find out almost anything about your
targeted market. Ask them!

You know it’s so funny how often small business
owners will make sweeping marketing decisions
based on a) something they saw a competitor
do or b) something they dreamed up waiting at a stoplight.

Here’s something you need to know. Your competitors
are a bunch of dummies (but you knew that) No really,
the only people who know what you really should do are
members of your target market.

One of the most powerful ways to design every aspect
of a referral marketing system is to get a group of
clients together and let them participate in the process
of helping you design your system.

This “marketing board” is a great marketing tool for
just about any marketing decision you might consider.
You might even consider holding quarterly meetings
to get input and analysis of every aspect of your
marketing. Just make sure you shower them with
logo apparel, coffee mugs, and gift certificates for
compensation…or you could simply ask them what
they want! Learn more on this topic


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