What If 2013 Was the Year of Recover You?

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As the political debates continue in the U.S., world economic news seems as mixed as ever and jobless rates continue to inch back down in several sectors, talk continues to center on the hope for recovery.

Recover You
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It’s has been a slow and challenging climb out of what most would call the worst recession of my lifetime. And yet, I’ve never felt more hopeful.

I’ve witnessed a shift in the way people are thinking about their business. Some things will not recover, some industries are destined to sunset and some long practiced management habits and behaviors are still being shoved at the next generation of people coming into the workforce.

But mostly I’ve begun to witness a realization in small business owners and entrepreneurs that people matter most. That recovery is as much about recovering a sense of purpose and passion as it is about hiring numbers. And that the first task and most important recovery is internal.

In fact, the first and most important job ahead is recovering your own sense of hopefulness, grace and love.

I plan to spend some amount of time focused on this subject throughout the next year as I’ve grown tired of the negative talk, lifeless energy and downright beat up state of so many small business owners, entrepreneurs and friends I meet as I travel this planet.

And the thing is, this isn’t some soft-hearted notion. This is a highly practical aspect of integrated growth and yet it’s one we so often fail to connect.

For me 2013 is the year of Project Recover You.

I’m not a big fan of goals. I know lots of people use goal setting as a tool to drive them to the next milestone, but it’s always worked the other way for me. As soon as I set some highly specific goal, it seems the world begins to conspire against its achievement.

For me, the secret to growth and change is locked in habits and behaviors. As soon I can change a habit or behavior that is holding me back I can make effortless progress towards an end.

So, in my mind, project recover you starts with identifying and addressing habits and behaviors that are holding you back and replacing them with habits and behaviors that foster growth.

The list of positive behavior replacements that I plan to discuss reads like a list of what people already know they should do, but the problem with a “should list” is that it’s pretty much a “I have no intention of actually doing” list.

Until these items show up on your must do list they will act as reminders of fear, regret and self-doubt. Don’t you think it’s time to let that trio go?

I know this is starting to get a bit heavy and preachy, but that’s not the intent here at all. I believe so much in the power of owning and running a business as the most incredible way to make a rich and fulfilling life.

But I also believe that it takes consistent intention, attention and work to stay focused on building the best you in the process.

So, join me in this little recovery mission, help me learn about and develop even better habits and behaviors and let’s spread the word on this ultimate inside job.

Please follow this thread, share your thoughts and let me know if you think this positive message is a mission worth pursuing.

Project Recover You will dive into the following topics as they relate to the work of building a business inside of a life:

How to recover your:

  • Thoughts – the internal dialogue is probably the strongest adviser, for good or bad, and the strongest advocate of both change and growth and fear and resistance.
  • Breath – breathing is perhaps the most mindless of all human behaviors and an intentional practice of mindful breathing is perhaps one of the most powerful tools you can employ
  • Energy – Mind, body, and thought come together in what we eat and food for the entrepreneur is fuel. Plain and simple, there’s good fuel and not so good fuel.
  • Strength – Work is physically demanding and movement returns energy. Yes I’m talking about exercise and getting outside
  • Silence – Business is noisy, even if you’re in it alone. Planned solitude, silence and reflection are required to return to your true intentions
  • Play – The eighty-hour plugged in work week is robbing us of the ability to appreciate, relax and enjoy each other – let’s fix that
  • Purpose – Love is purpose. What if more of our actions were inspired by love? I think that would be pretty incredible place

So, that’s the really loose road map. Want to join Project Recover You? Just share your thoughts below and let’s start this together.


Recover You

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