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I’ve said it here often enough that people are probably
getting sick of it but one the easiest ways to grow your
business is to do more business with your existing clients.

Once you have become a trusted resource for your clients it
is much easier to [url=https://ducttapemarketing.com/free_marketing_plans.htm]
increase your business[/url] with them than to go
out and find new clients.

A lot of business owners get this notion but they constantly
come back to me and ask – How…I mean we only install air
conditioners and furnaces how do we do more business with
our existing clients.

United Heating and Cooling practices both of my favorite ways
to grow from within. They added another service that fit
well with their existing service and they added a routine
maintenance program that gives subscribers consistant service
and preferred pricing.

United plumbing trucks now show up at United Heating and
Cooling customer’s doors. You see their customer existing
customer base buys plumbing service it was a natural
extention with a built in clientele. The business has been
booming since it opened the doors.

Preferred maintenance subsciptions are another great way to
do more business with existing clients and really almost any
business can create such a plan. By subscibing to routine
check-ups the client can forget about having to schedule
the check-ups and knows that when they get service done they
receive special pricing.

Your business benefits from the subscription revenue but
more importantly you get to go back and discover new ways
to help you clients and that’s how you really win.

Go to your clients and ask them what you should add. Find
out what they can’t get right now or what they would prefer
buying from you. Find out how you could serve them better,
keep an open mind to some seemingly odd suggestions and
you may find yourself going in entirely new and profitable


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