Use Your iPod for Presentations
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Use Your iPod for Presentations

Use Your iPod for Presentations

By John Jantsch

I make lots of PowerPoint presentations using my laptop and a digital projector. I’ve been dreaming of a way to ditch the laptop and start using my iPod to make the presentations.

I’m sure there are lots of ways to get this done, but I ran across this tip from Steve Rubel that introduced me to a software product called iPresent It. This software, available for the Mac and PC, allows you to upload and run PowerPoint and PDF presentations from your iPod using a video cable attached to the digital projector.

Another great benefit of having your presentations, even sales presentations, on an iPod is that you can easily practice them while you travel.

I’m told this won’t work with the nano. You might want to test this a time or two or carry your proven projector before you leave the laptop at home.

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