Twitter for Business

Update: If you’re finding this post via search know that I update this guide frequently – Last update Nov/17/2009

Twitter for BusinessOh, about twice a day now I get asked if this twitter thing is a tool for business. Sometimes the requests are muddled with puzzled tones of “I just don’t get it.” Other times folks are sort of pissed off. I mean, yet another thing to keep track of and do.

I happen to think that twitter has some fabulous business uses, and not just for the ultra connected techie, for the typical small business too.

I’ve put together my Guide to Using Twitter for Business and offer here to all as a gift. This is not the definitive guide to all things twitter, this is a nice, simple, practical road map to show you how to start using twitter to reach some of your business and marketing objectives.

Enjoy and feel free to pass along and share on some of social sites linked below.


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