Trick or Trust?


When it comes to direct mail letters, getting the envelope opened is a very big part of the game. I get asked often what should go on the outside of an envelope to get a prospect to open the letter.

As always part of that depends on the list. If this letter is being sent to a group of existing clients you many want to give some hint as to what’s inside.

If you are sending your offer to a list of suspects who don’t know you, I prefer a little mystery. Make the envelope as simple as possible so they are curious about the contents. I would test a plain white envelope with just return address. Don’t do as so many companies do and try to disguise the letter as some official IRS or bank business. This type of trickery may indeed get more of your envelopes opened, but by dubious means. What kind of message does that send.

Trust is the most important part of the small business marketing hurdle. Don’t prove yourself untrustworthy before you get a word out.

About the author 

John Jantsch

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