The Referral Engine Free Online Seminar

The Referral Engine Free Online Seminar

The Referral Engine Free Online Seminar

By John Jantsch

the Referral EngineI’ve received numerous requests to conduct a free online seminar surrounding the principals and tactics contained on the pages of my new book The Referral Engine.

So, let’s do it! – Tuesday, July 6th – Noon CT – In a one hour session, I’ll go over what I learned about referrals writing this book and through years of working with small business owners – if you’ve had a chance to attend one of my online events, you know that I’ll deliver solid, actionable information, meant to be put to use immediately. Register here

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • The Realities of Referral
  • The 4 Cs of New Marketing
  • The Marketing Hourglass
  • Creating a Referral System

I hope you can join me for the live event, but if you register you can grab the archive a few days after the event as well.

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