The Power of Focus

This Local Color video, featuring creative small businesses around the globe, is part of a marketing series sponsored by HP

When it comes to growing a business few things have more power than a narrow focus. Too often business owners want to be many things in order to capture as much business as possible. That seems to make sense, but what happens in most cases is that the business brand gets so diluted that the only way to capture any business is to compete on price – say it with me – there will always be someone willing to go out of business faster than you if you compete on price!

In this episode of Local Color sponsored by HP I showcase a Kansas City based wine merchant – Cellar Rat. Cellar Rat has been able to thrive, even during a down economy by focusing very narrowly on wines – mostly under $30. They’ve coupled this approach with a commitment to education and by building and consistently communicating with a community of enthusiastic customers.

Meet Ryan Sciara – cofounder of Cellar Rat – and get focused as a total marketing strategy!


Cellar Rat, HP

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