The Light Bulb Moment for Many on Twitter

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Anyone who is an active twitter user may not remember the day that twitter started to finally make sense and you may certainly look at this post as rather simple, and it is, but . . .

I come across folks that are new to twitter or have been on twitter for months and still don’t get why people are so caught up. By the way, a little disclaimer here – I for one am an active twitter user and I see ROI, but it’s just another tool and is not for everyone – more on that this week.

The light bulb moment I’ve witnessed time and time again when I speak is when I show people the ways you can filter, aggregate, follow, and automate searches with third party tools like tweetdeck or tweetie.

Here’s a very simple introduction to how I have tweetdeck set-up on my laptop. It’s always evolving, but this is the starting point that might be enough to take away the mystery of using twitter for someone trying to wade in. (You might also check out my Twitter for Business ebook.)

Have a look at this post on using advanced twitter search to for some more tips.

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