The Future of Podcasting
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The Future of Podcasting

The Future of Podcasting

By John Jantsch

The Duct Tape Marketing Radio Station came out of beta today on the Podango podcast platform. The idea behind Podango is pretty simple. Get a station director, much like a radio station, to find and host lots of great podcasts on a focused topic. The Duct Tape Station will focus on small business with a heavy dose of marketing.

I have recruited a number of the current Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel authors to start producing podcasts for the station and am looking for small business experts who either have a podcast currently and would like to have the feed become part of the Duct Tape station or small business folks who would like to start a podcast knowing that they could gain needed exposure through this platform.

Drop me a note if you would like to join the Duct Tape Marketing Radio Station on Podango.

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