The Easiest Way to Create Videos Right Now

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Creating video for blog posts, landing and other web pages has become an important way to communicate a personal message and showcase your brand.

While there are many ways to get started using video the key, I think, is to simply get started. So, while you may end up investing in HD cameras, condenser mics, editing software and green screens, today I would like to describe the easiest way to get started producing your own videos.

Facebook and YouTube both have direct record video options and, while it may not be the most high tech way to create a simple video, it surely is the easiest. The only thing you need is a camera. You can use a digital camera that you plug into your computer or a built in camera common on most laptops these days.

Record to YouTube
Record to Facebook

For YouTube you log in to you account and hit “upload” and then choose the record from webcam option. You’ll need to give YouTube permission to access your camera and mic and then hit record. Once you’re done you can save the video and then grab the code that YouTube produces for you to embed the newly recorded segment on your website.

Facebook works much the same way. You can record to your profile page or business page. Log in to your account and visit the page you would like to post the video. Click the video link and hit record from webcam. Hit the record button and then hit stop when finished with your message. You can review the video and start over if you like. Once you are happy with the video you can also describe it in the status update bar and hit share.

Now, let’s say you want to record a client telling their success story or testimonial without taking the film crew across town. Skype video can be a great way to get this done. You’ll both need Skype accounts and webcams, but recording is a snap. I use an add-on called Call Recorder for Mac (Pamela for PC) that does a fine job and even allows me to split the two tracks (myself and the interviewee) so I have total flexibility when editing.

Probably the most important technical aspect of making video this way is lighting. For webcams it’s best to have lights behind the camera pointing at your face or whatever subject you are trying to record. Look out for windows and lights behind you as they can create overpowering glare.

Again, the primary reason for this post is to show you how easy it can be to get started with video so you’ll start to look for more ways to use it.


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