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Here’s what several active members of the Consultant Network have to say about their experience as a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant.

Antonio Guerrero – Systematic Business Marketing

Having the systems, the frameworks, the templates, the resources, the tools all handed to me was an incredible help that I don’t think could be matched anywhere else.

Without a doubt, it’s been the most powerful and greatest return on investment I’ve ever made in my personal and business life.

Dennis Ottey – Dott Digital Marketing, LLC

The value, for me, in joining the Duct Tape Network, and the results I’ve gotten have been really astonishing to me.

The thing that surprised me about the network, and about Duct Tape Marketing in general, was how much it resonates with clients. So many people get burned with marketing and trying these different tactics. It’s really refreshing to talk to a Duct Tape Consultant, and that surprised to me. There’s an abundance out there of people that need us.

What I would tell people coming in is, “Talk to people within the network. Sample it out. You’ll find a very welcoming community that’s more than eager to help you succeed.”

Laura Lorenz – Marketing Direction Now

So the value of belonging to the network, initially, was the tools. But really, the value is the people in the network.

Jeff Korhan – Landscape Digital Institute

I never think twice about picking up the phone, calling somebody up, saying, “Hey, I know you know this a lot better than I do. Can we schedule some time where we could get together, and you could help me get back on track?” So that’s been phenomenal.

Karin Kraska – Forlight Marketing

We have a really strong bond and a strong connection. Everyone is really close and helps each other out.


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