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I was in New York last week to participate in the New York Times Small Business Summit and stopped by the Fox Business studios to talk about my latest book – The Referral Engine (Note to self always carry copy of book even though the host is supposed to already have one.) Below is the clip from that interview.


The Referral Engine

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  1. you actually are a smart guy… I had no clue when did I add your blog to my RSS reader and sometimes I get bits of information but I had no clue you publish books also I had no clue that you are actually bot a SEO/SEM guy… interesting thing is that your blog RSS survived so long in my very picky list of feeds.

    Your chat at fox was very good.

      1. heh and I made may typos in the last post.

        I wonder are you connected in any way with guys from ‘Guerilla marketing’?

  2. John- Your on Fire! Keep up the great work, energy flows where attention goes… Your success is directly correlated to the amount of value and service to your customer’s! Best, Brian-

  3. Great interview. In real estate, the referral system is alive and well….and even more important than ever. I often get calls from new clients who state, “I hear you are the go to guy for xyz..”. It brings me up to 50% of my current business!

  4. I find it funny that time proven techniques are “old school”. Just recently a Fortune cover all but pronounced Google dead, and Wired magazine proclaimed “the web is dead”. Both of these articles point out the problem with “mainstream” marketing thought, and that is the lack of verification. Referral is that warm fuzzy verification we want BEFORE we open our wallets.

    Great stuff, keep it up.

    1. Marketing fundamentals haven’t really changed at all. Although I will say that the Wired story I agree with, but the headline confused some. They were saying that the wild world web is dead and that the growth of apps was do in large part to people wanting to interact with content they could trust – much like a referral.

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