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Networking at events attended by your target market can be a good way to make some nice introductions and start gently spreading the word about your products and services. There is a bit of art to this and plenty of bad examples evoking the worst used car stereotypes imaginable.

Keep these simple rules in mind and you will be fine
1) Think, what am I here to give
2) Speak only to educate – don’t sell anything

Scott Ginsberg, also known as the name tag guy, has some great tools on his website for making the art of relationship building a little more fun, particularly for those that aren’t naturally comfortable with it.

His free ebook – 55 Questions to Ask Someone You Just Met is a real winner, and quite frankly, possesses some gems to ask people you already know – like your existing clients.

Another tool Scott uses is something he calls My Card. When he meets someone who has forgotten to carry their business card he whips out a blank My Card and records their information, then he gives them some to use as well. Good stuff, lighten up and go meet someone.


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