Social Media Training Course Beta Testers Needed
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Social Media Training Course Beta Testers Needed

Social Media Training Course Beta Testers Needed

By John Jantsch

Social media systemThis whole social media thing for small business can be confusing, I know, I speak to groups of small business owner routinely and hear things like – “I’m overwhelmed, I’m tired of the hype, what do I do first, how do I find the time.”

Update: The good news is a lot of people really want to beta test this program – over 125 left comments for the 10 spots, but I guess that’s the bad news too. Here’s what I’ve decided to do – I will choose 20 beta testers based on comments and offer a smokin hot deal to the other 105 who took the time to participate. (comments are now closed) This course is one of the ways I put my kids through college so please appreciate the it’s worth way more than I’m going to charge.

If you’ve ever found yourself saying something along those lines, I would like to let you know that I’ve taken the practical strategies and tactics I use and teach to help people create a social media system and turned them into a five session course I call – Social Media Pro.

The course is not really ready to go yet. I mean, it’s ready, but I’m not sure I’m ready. I would first like to recruit 10 beta testers to go through the entire online program and give me feedback and reviews to help me understand if the course delivers the results I’m hoping for – a small business owner building an entire social media system that allows them to effectively market their business without going crazy.

The program consists of five online tutorials backed with 38 videos that show you step by step how to do every action described in the lessons. The course is delivered sequentially over a five week period so you can focus on one lesson and set of action steps per week without becoming overwhelmed.

The course breaks down like this

  • Session One – Creating a Social Media Strategy
  • Session Two – Optimizing Brand Assets
  • Session Three – Blogging for Business
  • Session Four – Social Networking and Networks
  • Session Five – Managing the Beast

You can check out the full course details here, but there’s noting to buy, so come back and read the rest of this post if you are interested in the program.

If you would like to be a beta tester I need you to leave a comment in this post describing a) your greatest frustration with implementing social media or b) the single most important thing you would hope to get from a course like this.

In addition, if chosen you will need to pay $1 and agree to complete the action steps at the end of each lesson and provide feedback on what works or what’s missing and report on the tactics you’ve implemented as a result of the course. (Thoughtful, passionate, and creative responses will be most rewarded.)

Deal? Leave your comment.

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