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Last month I introduced a beta launch of our 5-week social media training course called Social Media Pro. The launch was restricted to 100 people and we filled it up in a few hours. Since then we’ve added, tweaked and polished the program with input from our beta group and today we are re-opening social media pro to the public.

Lots of small business owners are searching for someone to cut through the hype and show them how to get on board with social media in a way that makes sense. Social Media Pro is a unique, self-guided, but logical approach to social media that will take you by the hand and guide you through the entire process, step-by-step, of getting going with social media.

This is not an exercise in theory, it’s a proven road map that includes a logical 5-week path for you to follow and 40 or so actual videos of me setting up the steps included in the course. You get to look over my shoulder while I do things like set-up a WordPress blog, create Facebook Fan Pages, set-up Twitter searches, and design a one-page social media dashboard. – Get all the details here

(Here’s my post from last month’s beta launch)


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