Simplify! - Create a marketing strategy that IS the message

Simplify! – Create a marketing strategy that IS the message

Simplify! – Create a marketing strategy that IS the message

By John Jantsch

People tend to get things that can be boiled down to a really simple message.

Buy this – get that. Hire us – Become famous.

One of the most effective ways to create marketing that achieves this simple character is to come up with a marketing strategy that becomes your core marketing difference and core marketing message.

Here’s what I mean:

Strategy – Grow by referrals
Message – Send us 5 customers and we will refund 100% of your purchase.

So this business becomes the 100% refund folks. The marketing strategy is to build the business by way of referral and everything they do from a marketing standpoint is to pump out the 100% refund message.

So what strategy could you embrace that would allow you to create an offer that is so compelling…you become known for it?

Testimonials, Guarantees, Strategic Partnerships, General Wackiness.

Think simple, think focus, and then put everything you have into becoming your marketing strategy.

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