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shoemoneyThe promise of Internet riches just might be the new version of the great American dream, but few are living it like Jeremy Shoemaker – also known as Shoemoney. I interviewed Jeremy for a recent fun-filled episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast and this is a guy that knows how to have a good time making serious money from his creative thinking.

    In this session we covered a lot of ground including:

  • The creation of his company ShoeMoney Media Group
  • How people can make money online
  • How someone with a great idea can become educated about things like pay-per-click
  • Adding revenue streams to an already established business
  • Advice on books, sites, blogs that will help you stay current

Schoemaker began his career as an appliance salesman, all-the-while, developing more of an interest in expanding his computer software, web server management, and mail system management skills in his free-time. He Went on to college, where he founded his first business making Macintosh gaming sites. As those sites become popular, Jeremy was able to practice his skills and left college to start ShoeMoney Media Group.

He may be most widely known for his photo with a Google AdSense check in the amount of 132K and change taken back in the early AdSense days. You will be able to read how he made it work in the upcoming release of his book – the Shoemoney Playbook.

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