Sharing Stories from Some of My Favorite Entrepreneurs
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Sharing Stories from Some of My Favorite Entrepreneurs

Sharing Stories from Some of My Favorite Entrepreneurs

By John Jantsch

I conducted a live to YouTube Google+ Hangout yesterday to tell some of the stories of the very cool entrepreneurs that got to know in the process of writing The Commitment Engine.

I love the streaming technology and plan to use it more.

During the 30 minute session I talked about

  • How Mary and Tony Miller found their purpose for Jancoa while driving a the company shuttle around
  • How Jason Fried of 37Signals turned Clarity into Strategy
  • How Bill Witherspoon of The Sky Factory created a culture of shared ownership
  • How Natalie George of Cafe Gratitude built community before you even had a business
  • How Jack Nickell of Threadless views his community as the business

Learning and sharing these kinds of stories is what makes being an author so very worth it!

Today is the official launch day for The Commitment Engine and for the rest of today I am giving away a free copy of my last book, The Referral Engine to anyone that buys a copy of The Commitment Engine. Get in on the Twin Engine Deal here

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