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seth godin on duct tape marketingOkay, to be fair to Seth, let’s put the title of this post in context. I interviewed Seth on a recent live session for my coaching excellence series and we talked about the natural advantages of small business and how to take advantage in a down market.

At some point he said – “If people aren’t talking about you, there’s a reason. You’re boring – your products are boring, your services are boring, your message is boring, your marketing is boring . . .”

You get the point. And he’s right. There’s no excuse for being unremarkable – the bar is so dang low. Because most of your competition is even more boring.

Listen to the entire session below or – click to download it. – (it’s a big file about 50mgs and 50 minutes)

The twittersphere gets pretty active during these sessions and here are a few hightlights from folks tweeting during the call.

karenKarenLKay If people aren’t talking about you, there’s a reason. You’re boring. Seth Godin

ededunigan: a community is a lot of work and inexpensive – worth investing in – it works and pays for itself. maintain balance – lead & connect

schscheky1068: Seth Godin just ripped us all a new one 🙂 #dtmseth At least he offered us our money back on the free seminar!

stevestevegasser: show me a way that I can save money,spend money to save money-show me how to make something that will pay for itself-It is smarter.

jennijenninaz: #dtmseth The market pays attention when you r the world’s best, make your world smaller. He just said he’s not on Twitter. Can’t be the best

alexgibsondm: “Deliver a product or service that is overwhelmingly better that there is no other choice.”- Seth Godin –

robertRobertHill: Find products for your customers instead of customers for your products by Seth Godin on the @ducttape interview. Great stuff


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