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contractContracts, agreements, liens, non-disclosure, incorporation, non-competes, and a host of intellectual property issue are just some of the issues that small businesses may find the need for legal services. While hiring legal counsel to guide you through potential hurdles is often a wise thing to do many small businesses simply ignore many of the issues of legal protection until something happens that causes them to need an attorney.

Rocket Lawyer has created what I think is a great solution for small business. Much of the work of a law firm in simple matters consists of constructing proper legal documents that spell out details and provide protection. Rocket Lawyer has created a library of thousands of personal and professional legal documents and built a platform that walks the user through a series of questions to determine the best document and then construct if from the answers.

Unlike traditional document libraries this allows users to create highly customizable documents on the fly. The membership approach is so affordable that there’s no reason small businesses can’t ere on the side of caution and start using simple legal agreements as a matter of course.

I visited with Rocket Lawyer Chairman and Founder Charley Moore for this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. Moore is an experienced attorney and says that many law firms are embracing his approach because it allows them to provide some of the production type work at a fraction of the traditional cost while remaining available to provide strategy and planning.

The Rocket Lawyer membership, around $300 a year, gives you unlimited access to legal documents and also includes a nationwide network of attorneys available to review documents and consult with users.

I see so few small businesses properly covering basis operating issues and Rocket Lawyer just might provide the best of coverage for very affordable rates.

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