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Michael Quinn







The Michael Quinn Agency is an SEO company that does what we say – get your business to the top of google. We will help 300 small business owners revolutionize their business growth using online marketing by 2025.

Our clients generate an average of 20-40 additional phone calls every month after partnering with us.

We take a systematic approach to search engine marketing which is a repeatable, consistent formula that starts with strategy, and then, aligns with your total online presence — all of which work to support the overall formula to DOMINATE your search rankings!

Our proven marketing formula works best for local businesses such as small medical practices, home services, contractors, and professional services (*avg. 6 employees or less, $500K-$3M revenue, physical location anywhere in the U.S.).

And the best news — we do all the work for you so you can keep doing what you do best!

We’re more than just a digital marketing agency, we’re your outsourced marketing department and long-term partner who is invested in your business’ success.

ABOUT MICHAEL: Starting in 2005, I’ve sharpened my marketing skill sets in the following areas: broadcast news, local TV advertising, financial services marketing, and real estate marketing. In 2015, I got the entrepreneurial itch after helping my real estate employer consistently generate nearly 500 leads a month using online marketing, which lead me to create the Michael Quinn Agency with the goal of helping 300 small business owners revolutionize their business growth using online marketing by 2025. My current team includes a PPC specialist, web developer, and marketing assistant. I live in Fargo, ND with my wife, stepson, and dog Mater.

Lucas Munisteri





Lucas and Islin Munisteri are the founders of Theia Marketing, a company whose vision is to help the small and medium-sized businesses in the world achieve success in their callings. They are native Coloradoans, dedicated to supporting their local community so that it can continue to be prosperous for many years to come. Trained initially as engineers at the Colorado School of Mines, they first seek to understand your business goals an marketing concerns to provide you with a systematic, Strategy First methodology to their marketing approach and are always optimizing every dollar spent, following the proven Duct Tape methodology.

Theia marketing will work with you to build a custom tailored marketing solution to help your business grow!

Visit Theia Marketing’s website…

David Gersh







Our core focus is helping small & medium sized businesses gain new customers by implementing high-quality Digital Marketing Services which include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management & Paid marketing platforms (PPC).

We are here to help you with your marketing challenges and alleviate the pain that is causing your frustration. We can design a program that will grow your business as well as fit within your budget.

We know what it takes to deliver a powerful message to your target market, & get results. We live, eat, and breathe online marketing so that you don’t have to.

Ann Grace






Clear Lake Marketing Solutions is a full-service web design and marketing agency in Marin County, CA, serving businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout North America.
We plan and execute digital marketing solutions that help small businesses find, win, & keep customers.

Our mission is to grow your business so you:

  • get more of the customers you want
  • reduce your marketing costs
  • are less stressed
  • have more time to focus on your business
  • don’t have to work quite as hard

Clear Lake Marketing was founded by Ann Grace, MBA, a veteran marketing consultant with over 30 years experience.

Our agency’s name derives from the fact that marketing success today — like a clear lake — requires a balanced eco-system of healthy, inter-dependent parts. No one individual marketing channel can thrive without the others. Instead, all parts contribute to one crystal clear, synergistic whole, that is kept focused with your clear strategy.

Ricardo Mejia





Ricardo (Ric) Mejia brings a unique mix of previous experiences to his role as President & Chief Marketing Strategist. As an eight-year United States Air Force veteran with extensive sales and marketing experience in the corporate world, Ric discovered that most local business could not retain him as a full-time employee because they had a short-term view of marketing, not a long-term strategy. From his professional experiences, he learned three important lessons:

  1. Most local businesses do not have a system for following up on leads to convert them into customers.
  1. Many businesses do not have a clear way of distinguishing themselves from competitors; as a result, competition is limited to one main factor – cost.
  2. Business owners struggle to commit to online marketing tactics; they do not follow through on marketing plans because they’re easily distracted by other ideas.

Ric knew that he wanted to help business solve these problems by creating and following an online marketing strategy, but he needed to find the right way to deliver this message and reach his ideal clients.

He found that fit when he discovered Duct Tape Marketing. As a certified Duct Tape Marketing coach and consultant, and graduate student in digital marketing, Ric uses his knowledge and tools to guide and instruct clients to implement a marketing system in their business, and execute it to meet their unique goals

Darryl Leniuk





Aventur Marketing is a Vancouver-based marketing and communications agency focused on driving amazing results for small-medium sized travel and outdoor tourism businesses, destinations and gear brands. Powerful storytelling that engages customers at every stage of the customer journey is what we do at Aventur.

Darryl Leniuk, founder and chief strategist

With a background that spans well over a decade working as an adventure travel journalist, outdoor photographer, field guide and PR consultant, I bring a powerful skill set to the table for adventure tourism companies. Like most small business owners, I’m used to wearing a lot of hats, getting my feet dirty to get the job done. Storytelling is in my veins, and I’ve prided myself in getting to the essence of a travel experience and finding what separates an outfitter or destination from the myriad of competitors out there and how to make that resonate with their audience. But I’ve also seen many adventure tourism businesses struggling or not reaching their full potential. Oftentimes that’s from doing marketing piecemeal with no overarching strategy. I realized that if I could offer outdoor businesses a system and strategy and a way to tell their story, I could help them succeed.

Mark Mraz

DTLV MarketingMark Mraz

Is your business struggling with transition or change? Are you experiencing the growth you want? We’ll help organize, educate, and improve your business… we’ll help you overcome the complications of marketing and project management to get things done and grow.

What makes us different is that we apply the structure of project management to the work we do so you’ll know what’s getting done, when, by whom, and what success looks like in the end. We’ll help you through any change you want to see… whether that is revenue growth, cost reduction, or developing an exit strategy for the transition of your business to someone else.

Linda Wienandt

Desert Path Marketing GroupLinda Wienandt

We provide content strategy, blogs and email newsletters to help grow the audience to your website. All of this is done by experienced professional journalists and writers.

John Triplett

Desert Path Marketing GroupJohn Triplett

We provide content strategy, blogs and email newsletters to help grow the audience to your website. All of this is done by experienced professional journalists and writers.

Brooke Patterson

Brooke PattersonVandermedia Design & Marketing

Based in Carlsbad, California, Vandermedia Design & Marketing began as a creative services company in 2006 serving sports teams and hospitality organizations such as the San Diego Chargers and Centerplate. We have since expanded our team and services to include strategic marketing consulting and done-for-you digital marketing plans for our small business clients.

As an innovative and unpretentious marketing and design agency, our team at Vandermedia embraces the intersection of business, marketing, and art to create transformative experiences for clients (and their fans).

We look forward to learning more about you and your business. Reach out anytime by phone, email, or schedule a free consultation through the following link: calendly.com/vandermedia.


  • Marketing Consulting
  • Done-for-you, Customized Marketing Plans
  • Logos, Visual Identity, Graphic Design
  • Print Marketing Material Design
  • Digital Marketing Material Design
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