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I have been using a new tool to create, edit and convert PDF files and I can’t say enough good things about it. The software is called ScanSoft PDF Coverter Professional 4

I think this is a great tool for small businesses because I find it much easier to use than Adobe Acrobat and the cost is $99 compared to $449 for a new install of Acrobat. It has completely replaced Acrobat and Acrobat Reader on my computer.

    Business owners will find these features particularly useful

  • Edit PDF documents directly just like working in the original file.
  • Use FormTyper to instantly convert static PDF forms into fill-able PDF forms.
  • Convert PDF files to human sounding audio files
  • Convert PDF files into fully functioning Word of Excel documents


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  1. That sounds like great software. But you know that old habits die hard, so, it will take a while until I decide to change it. You have mentioned nothing about if it is easy to use or not.

  2. Any idea how it handles large documents, and converting links in the document (such as cross-references, or a linked Table of Contents) into PDF bookmarks? Those are essential for me.

  3. Do you know if PDF Converter has the capability to create and use fillable fields? I know with Adobe Acrobat you have to purchase a really pricey add-on for that functionality–very frustrating.

  4. Danielle,

    I do know that if you download a PDF file with form fields you can fill or edit the fields as long as the document doesn’t have security settings to forbid it.

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