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Introductions are gold – in fact, the right introduction can be far more powerful than the typical referral, but there’s a right way and wrong way to make them.

photo credit: Peter Gerdes via photopin cc

We’ve all had that conversation where a friend or colleague will say,  “hey you should meet John” and next thing you know you get an email that says Suzy meet John, John meet Suzy, you two take it from here.

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the introduction, but now both of us have to figure out how to have a conversation or whether we even really want to. It’s not the worst thing to happen, but there is a better way.

The other day I was having one of those brainstorming conversations with a friend and I mentioned a need I had and he said he knew someone I should meet. Then he proceeded to send us both what I think just might be the perfect introduction email.

I’ve deconstructed it below, while changing specific details, to amplify what makes this work and give an example for the next time you find yourself making an introduction.


By way of this e-mail, I’d like to introduce you to (name of person.)

(Name) is an expert on how to build partnerships with the media. Currently he leads (name of relevant org) and recently came out with his latest book; (Name of book.) In addition, he played key role in helping me start (Name of company) my coaching company for financial advisors. He’s very interested in leveraging his talents to build up a higher profile as well as an information marketing solution.

For more background (his website)

So, in one paragraph he:

  • Explained who the person was
  • His expertise and credentials
  • How they knew each other
  • What the person was looking for

Then he added the same about me and consequently enabled us to establish very quickly who each other was, why we might have a conversation and, at least initially, what we might talk about.

This approach is such a useful way to make an introduction and adds value to both parties. There’s even a call to action at the close!

Take the time to make thoughtful introductions and you will increase the value you bring to every interaction.

Just so you have the complete email, here’s the rest. Oh, and we are meeting this week.


By way of this e-mail, I’d like to introduce you to John Jantsch.

John is in one of my mastermind groups and is a very successful marketing entrepreneur.He is most known for his Duct Tape Marketing brand providing insights and coaching to small and midsize businesses. He’s very interested in learning how he might be able to leverage his content to generate joint promotions with media properties in the small to midsize business market. He also has a successful blog and podcast where he could help increase the awareness of your new book.

For more background

I would recommend that the two of you schedule a phone appointment to meet and see if there are any synergies.

All the best,



perfect introduction

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