One person at a time - great teachers are great salespeople

One person at a time – great teachers are great salespeople

One person at a time – great teachers are great salespeople

By John Jantsch

Small business marketing is personal. You don’t market to the masses, you don’t really market to segments, you market, when you’re effective, to one person at a time. Like every great teacher I ever had, I wondered how anyone else in the class learned a thing with all the attention I was receiving.

I’m not trying to come up with some new profound marketing trend or phrase. If you think about it, the marketing that always gets to you is marketing that feels like it is directed to you and only you. It’s when you find yourself thinking – how did they know?

It’s an art I think, no, it’s a way of being, for the small business, and it’s a distinct advantage that small businesses hold.

Allan Sloan, NEWSWEEK’s Wall Street editor and a bit of a legend in the journalist world, said in an interview with Kansas City Star reporter Steve Kraske today, “I don’t actually know much about economics, I just read allot and try to understand things and them put them in a language something like English.” That’s it – understand your product, your business, your service and then teach people in a language something like English – one person at a time.

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