My Social Media System continued again

My Social Media System continued again

My Social Media System continued again

By John Jantsch

Here’s the post that started this social media system thread – and where you can see all the follow-ups

Today’s social media system example comes from Amber Naslund. Amber is a social media and marketing upstart, and exercises her social media chops daily as the Director of Community for Radian6.

I’m learning way more from this series than I could have ever imagined. (hope you are too!) Amber warned me that her approach and organization might be different than my own – and that’s exactly what I wanted. Harder to teach yourself new tricks – easier to learn from others!

And, readers are chiming it too:
Elena Kostovska – Skopje, Macedonia
Robert Brady – Provo, UT

Have you documented your system? Add it to the comments or post it to your blog and send or tweet the link.

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