Must Have iPhone Trick for Bloggers

Must Have iPhone Trick for Bloggers

Must Have iPhone Trick for Bloggers

By John Jantsch

When I go around the country to blog related conferences I find that the majority of bloggers I meet are Mac folks and iPhone nuts.

With that in mind I give you the ultimate iPhone blogger trick.

Basically this is a way to create your own little glassy iPhone application icon and put it on your phone’s homescreen as a link to the iPhone version of your blog. (That’s the first step but you can of course make it available to your readers who want your icon and link on their phone’s home screen!)

First, let’s create the icon. These icons, sort of like last year’s favicon, are called webclips.
1) Create or resize an image to 57 x 57 px
2) Save the image as apple-touch-icon.png
3) Upload to the root directory of your site – like this

Now, grab your iPhone, fire up the Safari browser and surf to your blog. (It must be on the same domain as where you uploaded the image) Once there hit the bookmark + sign and select “add to home screen.” If all goes to plan your new image gets the rounded corner, glass button treatment and is now on your phone as an application icon. Call it iPhone vanity if you must, but it’s sure fun.

You can take this a step further and use an application like mofuse to create mobile and even iPhone versions of your blog. See example of the Duct Tape blog – Mobile version and iPhone version.

If you want to add this blog right on your phone just surf to the iPhone version on your iPhone, bookmark and choose add to homescreen.

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