Mining Twitter with Google Turns Up Some Interesting Stuff
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Mining Twitter with Google Turns Up Some Interesting Stuff

Mining Twitter with Google Turns Up Some Interesting Stuff

By John Jantsch

As a marketing tool the Twitterverse gets so much more useful when you can filter out all the noise and drill down to people and communities that might very much want to know what you’ve got to offer.

twitter search with GoogleA bit of bloom has gone off the Twitter hype, but make no mistake, there’s still plenty of powerful ways to tap what’s going on there.

A great deal of information out there centers around searching the Twitter stream for related content, but that only allows you to focus on what’s being said. In this week’s post for AMEX OPENForum I explain 7 Insanely Useful Ways to Search Twitter that focus much more on who’s saying it. For some this is a much more interesting way to look at doing business on Twitter. Most of my tips rely on blending Google’s passion for real time search and search syntax to slice and dice Twitter in new ways.

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