Localize Those Links

Most small business web sites are looking for searchers that are mostly
just around town. So, it makes sense that to be found, you need to
think like someone who is searching in your town.

I doubt that someone who is trying to find a remodeling contractor to
remodel their kitchen is going to simply search on Yahoo for the term
“remodeling contractor.”

No, I suspect that they might use terms like Kansas City Kitchen
Remodeling Contractor, right?

So, what does this mean to you grasshopper?

One of the most effective little things that you can do to your website to
make it more local search friendly is to create local content in your
internal links.

An example: Remodel Again – the site of a Kansas City based remodeling
Home – becomes – The Schloegel Difference
About Us – becomes – Kansas City’s Most Trusted Remodeler
Kitchen Remodeling – becomes – Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling

The point of all of this is that Yahoo now ranks this site in the top 5 for
terms like “Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling” even though there is
very little other content.

And one other thing, notice that the address appears on every page
(more local content) and that the links are text links. (alt tags on images
are nice but few things are more important than that anchor text)


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