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Landing pages are pretty standard fare these days – you run an ad in a publication and drive people to a landing page specifically designed to generate one response only – sign-up for a newsletter, enroll in a teleseminar, request a white paper.

What if you took this tool and designed a page on your website just for referrals. In other words, a page that you would share with your clients and strategic partners that they could use as a tool to refer your business. Instead of telling a potential referral to “check out” your web site, your referral sources would tell them to go to a specific page set-up to quickly greet them, educate them and acknowledge their status as someone who has been referred.

This simple personalization step will allow you to speak directly to this special visitor and even go as far as giving them a specific call to action. Knowing that your referral sources have this tool to use will also help make sure that the referrals you do receive are highly qualified.

Take the idea to the next level. If you have strategic partners that routinely refer prospects or ones that your would like to convince to routinely refer prospects, set-up a page just for them. Feature their logo and a welcome message just for their referred visitors. Once you create the template for this type of page, there is no reason you couldn’t create 10-12 of these and really add a professional touch to your referral process.

Here’s an example of a Referral Landing Page created by one of my strategic partners.


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