Keith Ferrazzi, Seth Godin and Me

Keith Ferrazzi, Seth Godin and Me

Keith Ferrazzi, Seth Godin and Me

By John Jantsch

Who's Got Your BackJoin Seth Godin and me Monday, June 8th at 9am PDT/Noon EDT for a discussion with best selling author Keith Ferrazzi. Ferrazzi’s first book, Never Eat Alone, is on my must read list for business owners and his latest, Who’s Got Your Back, belongs on that list as well.

We will talk about why your future depends on you building an inner circle of trusted advisors and “lifeline relationships and how to leverage key relationships to accelerate your business results.

Here’s a nugget from page 13 just to make you think: “On one level, I had lost touch with my sense of strengths and weaknesses. When that happens, we lose the power to manage our shortcomings, and the result is self-defeating behaviors. Overcoming them is about, ultimately, knowing thyself.”

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