JingProject Beefs Up

JingProject Beefs Up

JingProject Beefs Up

By John Jantsch

Screencast.com and JingProjectI reported on this little application just about a year ago when TechSmith announced it. JingProject is a lite weight screen recording tool for Windows and Mac that also comes with some hosting and streaming from Screencast.com

It’s an easy to use free tool for recording little screen video captures and sending in emails or posting to your blog or website. I get questions from readers every now and then that are much easier to answer by showing. You can also use it to send in technical support questions with software or hardware by showing the problem you are having

The only issue I had with the original configuration was that you didn’t get much file or bandwidth space. Yesterday JingProject upped it to 2 GB of storage plus 2 GB of transfer. That’s 10 times the space and double the bandwidth and it’s still free.

It’s still not robust enough to make your primary screencast video tool, but it’s a nice handy addition to the video tool belt.

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