Is Someone Getting the Best of You?

Is Someone Getting the Best of You?

Is Someone Getting the Best of You?

By John Jantsch

There are two radically different ways to view the question in the title to this post and how you choose to answer it just might make all the difference in the world.

Image Tom BKK via Flickr

Most business owners lean toward the negative side of things and view this question as a warning that their suppliers, staff and customers are trying to take advantage of them. What was your first thought when you read this title?


It’s an entirely understandable point of view as owning a small business comes with lots of blind spots and, while you need to be on guard for the dangers that can slow and cripple your business growth, there’s also another view that this same question can inspire.

If you’re one of those folks that leans toward the positive in all things you may have read this title and asked if you truly are giving your best. Yes, owning a business is hard work, but when you look to serve and explore the opportunities and mine your strengths to deliver something really, really great, owning a business is a terribly rewarding thing as well.

Start off each day reminding to bring your best to someone today. Maybe it’s your spouse, an unhappy customer or a staff member that quietly goes about performing her tasks, find at least one someone and mindfully bring your A game to them.

So, for today, for everyday, for one hour even, let someone get the best of you.

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