Is Social Media Changing Selling?

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Marketing podcast with Mike McLaughlin (Click to listen, right click and Save As to download – subscribe now via iTunes

Social media has certainly changed marketing, but few people are addressing just how dramatically it’s changed sales. In this interview we hit that subject pretty head on.

My guest for this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast is Mike McLaughlin. He’s the author of Winning the Professional Services Sale, which offers professional service providers, business development managers, and firm leaders new strategies to identify, qualify, and close any services sale. McLaughlin is also the coauthor of Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants, the first book to apply the principles of Guerrilla Marketing to the business of consulting and professional services.

In this podcast:

  • About the book: Winning the Professional Services Sale
  • Changes in the Sales Market
  • Success in Sales
  • Defining the Shared Answer
  • The Process of Closing a Sale
  • The Perfect Sales Proposal
  • Getting the Next Sale and Referrals


Mike McLaughlin

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