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The Commitment Engine
Introducing The Commitment Engine

As you can see from the image here, my third book – The Commitment Engine – Making Work Worth It is just about ready to go.

And, I would like to give you a free copy!

A bit more on that in a minute, but first, what’s the book about?

This book is undoubtedly the riskiest thing I’ve ever written, but it contains a message that I think needs to be spread and shared. In this book I share a lot of personal thoughts and feelings about why I do what I do and what I’m passionate about when it comes to work.

I share tons of stories from entrepreneurs that have discovered a higher purpose their business serves and how they found the clarity to build a business that brings them joy as well as success.

I map out a system for building a business that people want to commit to.

I also use words like love and grace in the context of business and talk a great deal about building a culture and community based on these concepts and for some that’s just not that comfortable.

So, while I fully expect there will be those that won’t find this book as relevant as my past offerings, I also fully expect that many will find this book brave, important and thought provoking – and that’s who I wrote this book for.

You’ll find important lessons about clarity, culture and community from a software developer in Chicago, a janitorial service in Ohio, a telephone answering service in Delaware and a skylight manufacturer in Iowa as well as my take on living and breathing business ownership every day for over twenty-five years.

Here’s what my friend Guy Kawasaki had to say about The Commitment Engine:

“Not often enough, a book comes along and injects a breath of fresh air into the world of business. This is one of those books.”

Want to get a taste? You can download the table of contents, Introduction and first chapter here:

Now, about that free copy.

The Commitment Engine hits the shelves Oct 11. In an effort to get the ball rolling on some pre-orders I will ship the first 400 people who pre-order a copy a second copy free! My publisher will even pay the shipping and you’ll get your free copy before anyone else can even buy one. (Sorry, publisher says U.S. addresses only)

All you have to do is buy a copy using one of the links below and then return to the form listed below and submit your order details so we can ship your free book right away. (Your purchase can be Kindle version or hardback)

Don’t wait – the last time I did this the free copies were gone in a day!

Order links:

Form link: (Come back here and submit your receipt details)

Thanks for your continued and overwhelming support all these years!



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