Innovating in a Mature Industry

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This Local Color video, featuring creative small businesses around the globe, is part of a marketing series sponsored by HP

Sometimes people look at an industry and wonder if there are any innovations left. After all, pretty much everything that can be done in the pizza business has been done, right?

Cheeseboard Pizza Collective in Berkeley California is a great example of how to innovate in a seemingly over innovated industry.

Cheeseboard makes one “veggie pizza of the day” and pairs it with live music. That’s it, and people line up for blocks to come and get it. No advertising, no coupons, no happy hour.

And if that weren’t innovative enough, the business is also run as a collective, meaning all employees are owners, all receive the same hourly wage and they rotate jobs so that everyone pretty much does everything.

If you’re in town tonight stop by for a Fresh zucchini, Onions, French feta, Mozzarella, Basil pesto “PINE NUTS” pizza.


Berkeley, Cheeseboard Pizza Collective, HP

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